About Me

I'm a small business owner and part-time storm chaser based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Ever since I was very young I have had a deep passion for meteorology. After spending a great deal of time traveling in airports as a child I became fascinated with the color weather pages of USA Today. The fascination turned into an obsession with the Weather Channel and from there I began taking Atmospheric Classes at Scottsdale Community College. My dream was to get a degree in Meteorology from the University of Arizona. Unfortunately for me, they discontinued their undergraduate program. Instead I decided I would get a degree in Computer Science and focus on weather modeling. I finally graduated with that degree in 2005. During my time at UofA I took numerous meteorology courses and chased storms in my free time.

After graduation I moved back to the Phoenix Area and started working as a software engineer at Interwrite Learning developing software for their clickers in the classroom platform. After two years I moved over to Go Daddy as a developer on their Quick Shopping Cart online store builder application. In 2011, I formed Sonoran Spice Company out of my one car garage. I'd spend my days at Go Daddy developing software and my nights packing spices in my garage. In just a few months Sonoran Spice took off and I moved the operation into a large warehouse behind Coyotes Ice Den in the North Scottsdale. Just six months later, Sonoran Spice had grown so large I was forced to give up my day job. All the while I was dying to chase storms and one day witness my first tornado.

In 2013 I created Monsoon Tracker as an outlet for my passion for weather. In 2015, I took a short trip out to Texas in search of a tornado. I happened to hit the jackpot, witnessing 3 tornadoes in just 2 days time. Since 2014 I have been focusing on learning photography, mostly on time-lapse photography. In 2016 I hope continue growing Sonoran Spice and expand my photography skill set to include video recording and video processing. All of my work is available for purchase and licensing. If you see something you like, let me know! - Jerrod